IFSC Climbing World Cup Puurs 2015

26th of september 2015

Zaterdag 26 en zondag 27 september

Outdoor Festival - Live Music - Demo's - Sponsorzone

Mountain Bike Tours - Adventure Park

Climbing Gym Klimax - Breendonk-Puurs

Lezing Raf Van Hulle (Zaterdagavond) Second Hand Market ...

Foto’s Alan Cuypers

Foto’s Vincent De Decker

Press Coverage

Top Climbers of the World

Celine Cuypers smashes World Dyno Record

Second Hand Market

Saturday evening program 19u30


Outdoor Festival

Belgian Food

Voodoo Shop and Friday Afternoon 19u30

Fun For Kids

Mountain Bike Tours

Kleurwedstrijd KBF

Dyno Contest

Klimax Puurs